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About Us

TIKI PETE is a collaborative labor of love by like-minded 
individuals of our community who share a strong passion for charity, culture, good music, great food, and onolicious drinks. Our 
people are the foundation for success in our organization. We foster a healthy working environment that 
allows our staff and volunteers known as “da team” to grow and prosper internally. This means respecting 
diversity and individuality, practicing teamwork, and rejecting hierarchy. We believe that something 
magical and incredible happen when “da team” works together in harmony, especially when everyone on 
”da team” is equally invested in the overall purpose and goal. That’s the motto here.

We believe that if we do a great job of selecting, training, and motivating “da team”, we’ll do 
a great job of contributing to our community. That means keeping ourselves accessible and responsive to 
our partners and clients, and adhering to the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness.

We have legendary premium tropical tiki cocktails, house-brewed craft beers, and our own proprietary blend of fine and innovative black barrel rum. Our cocktails are crafted with juices squeezed fresh daily.

We have 2 house IPAs (Kalihi IPA and Honu IPA)2 Bavarian style wheat biers (Nani Wheat and Da G-Spot). Our beers are brewed with “aloha” at heart right here in San Jose. Come taste the difference.

Our proprietary rum is blended, distilled, aged, and bottled in Barbados, the easternmost isle of the West Indies. It’s moderately spicy and sweet entry with a balanced vanilla and citrus profile.

These drinks were created, innovated, and mixed by Pete BEohana, da aloha man, They were crafted with 3 fundamental principle: purity, precision, perfection. These principles have served our community well.

Da Kalihi Girl

Our head chef and co-owner is Rena BEohana, da Kalihi girl. She’s a native Hawaiian from Kalihi, Hawaii. Drifted from the island of Oahu to meet a fine young man in the Bay Area, Rena brought three generations of fusion and authentic Hawaiian food recipes with her. These recipes have proven successful with our customers and have won numerous awards and recognitions. Taste the difference and experience island hospitality at its core.

Today, Rena meets with her meats, fish, and produce suppliers weekly, peruse the farmers market regularly. The purpose is to identify and purchase the freshest products in the market so that our food quality traits that sets da Kalihi girl and TIKI PETE apart from our peers.