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House Beers

It all started on a beautiful exotic summer day filled with a pocket full of sunshine in 2012 when PETE, da aloha man, was looking for a quality beer to quench his thirst. He looked high and low. He drank just about every beer on the market. The void was a lack of profound flavor profile beers with the island palate.

A few years later, PETE “da aloha man” created Kalihi IPA and the G-Spot. Both were proven successful with his friends and valued customers. Today, we have four styles of beers for your discriminating palate. 🤙🏽

These beers were created with three fundamental principles: purity, precision, and perfection.

Kalihi IPA | American IPA | 7.2% ABV

Taste the difference!

Honu IPA | American IPA | 6.2% ABV

Bringing back to you soon!

G-Spot | Hef Wheat  | 5.2% ABV

Our famous beer!

Tikil Nani | Hef Wheat | 5.2% ABV

Our amazing beer!


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